Managing Construction Excellence

OLF is a high quality building and refurbishment contractor specialising in the management, construction and maintenance of property in London, the Country, the South of France and wider Europe. OLF has secured a reputation for delivering the highest level of expertise and service to private clients developing high end residential property.


OLF has vast experience in London Building Projects and this, combined with a superb management and construction team, has enabled us to deliver only successful projects for our clients. OLF take on small and large projects for new and existing clients in London.


OLF have never failed to deliver any home and relish the challenge of refurbishing and building country homes. OLF provide clients with either project management and/or building services in the development of country houses.


OLF Monaco is a separate company that provides Project Management Services to private clients in Europe. OLF EU is a separate construction company that is based in the South of France and operates OLF’s transparent construction service and delivers projects to the highest standard.