Villefranche Villa, France

The demolition and reconstruction of a waterside Villa with a refurbished guest house, new sea access, new swimming pool and new garden.

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Project Details

OLF Eu have been retained by an existing client to provide a managed building service for the demolition and rebuild of a landmark villa on the coast of Villefranche. OLF Eu are working with local Architects and Engineers to meet the requirements of the Local Authorities and to deliver the property to the highest possible standard.

The project works include the demolition of the existing builidng, the building of a new villa, the refurbishment of an existing guest house and annexe, the removal of an existing pontoon and extensive landscaping works. 

OLF Eu has successfully brought a highly managed building service to a difficult site in order to ensure that the client has a transparent, flexible and open building process from pre-construction through to completion. OLF Eu has given the client the confidence that the works are being completed to the highest standard and that services are being retained on an optimum basis.

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Blue Architecture SARL

Garden Designer:

Jean Mus et cie

Mechanical and Electrical Consultants:

Conseil Plus Ingenierie (CPI)

Structural Engineer:

Ingemo SARL

Environmental Engineer:

Pierre Louis Ingeniere Conseil

Health and Safety Co-ordinator: